Involving Kids in Moving Activities

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So you have finally decided to relocate and are ready to plan and prepare for the next step. Great! If you have kids in your family, then it would be wise to involve them in various preparation.

Involving your kids in moving activities has multiple advantages.

First, you can keep them busy which means you get more time to focus on larger tasks. Second, your kids would feel important and proud to be a part of this exercise. Third, this is the right way to go about moving with kids if you have less time to make preparations.

The important question to ask here is, what activities could you involve your kids in? Of course, these have to be decided accordingly to their respective age.

Here are a few suggestions that you can pick from, which are appropriate for your kid’s age.


If your kids can write, then this is one of the best options for you. Let them label the boxes. You can ask them to check the content of the boxes and label them. You can offer options for labels like clothes, books, liquids, kitchen stuff, glass, glassware, etc.

While you let them label the boxes, you can dedicate the time to other important arrangements.

Packing Own Stuff

Depending on the age of your kid, you can give them a box and ask them to stuff their important things of their own. This would keep them busy and also help them decide on their own.

You can inform them about the particular things to leave behind which you are planning to replace at a new home.

Stuffing Toys, Books, Shoes, Etc.

You cannot let your children pack delicate or breakable things, however, things like toys, books, shoes, etc. should be allowed. They can stuff these things in separate boxes which you can provide.

Delegating small tasks like these would save an immense amount of time towards the final days.

Let Them Be a Part of Segregating Stuff for Donation

Not everything in the existing house would be shifted to the new home. Few of things you might want to replace in the new residence and hence there would be a task to segregate the stuff to be given away.

You can take care of adult things like kitchenware, furniture, electrical equipment, etc., and let your kids take care of unrequired stuff from their rooms. This task would also help you teach them an important lesson of donating things you do not need anymore.

If you find it difficult to get them to agree with donating, you can cleverly incentivise it initially. Let them know that there would be a reward after they help you pick stuff for donation.

Making a Game Out Of It

You can make the various tasks interesting by making a game out of it. Set competition of “who finishes first”, or play “who cleans faster”. Nothing excites kids more than games and competition. To make it more exciting offer rewards at the end of each task.

If you have more than one kid, then you can create competition between them.

Final Words

Moving with children would require more effort from you as you have to take care of the shifting and also keep your kids involved. This write-up explains various ways that you could use in involving your kids in moving activities.