What Materials Do I Need to Restore Roofing?

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As time has gone by, roof restoration has become a prominent alternative to roof replacement. But still, most of the commercial property owners and facility managers are unknown to it. Roof restoration is the process of renewing the existing roof to like-new conditions using elastomeric roof coatings. Restoring your roof does not typically need the removal or replacement of any existing materials apart from any small portions of the roof that might be damaged or compromised.

There are in all three primary methods for applying elastomeric coatings to commercial roof surface. Selecting the most efficient method on different factors like roof type, roof construction, product chemistry, time of year, and contractor preference, to name a few.

Here are few materials that you would need to restore roofing.

Airless Sprayer

Also known as spray rags, Airless Sprayers are more prominently used for applying elastomeric coatings to roof surfaces. This type of equipment, however, can get a bit expensive. It also requires some degree of technical expertise to operate and maintain properly.

Airless sprayers utilise a hydraulic pump that automates coating materials and converts them into a fine “sprayable” form.

Tank Spreader

Tank spreaders are quite new in the industry but are quickly becoming the go-to choice for several roof coating contractors. Not only are they effective, but also inexpensive and effortless to use.

This type of method is great for achieving consistent mil coverage. It even reduces the risk of overspray that can potentially happen while utilising an airless sprayer.

Nap Roller

A nap roller is the simplest way of applying a coating to roof surfaces. This method is effective against smaller roofing applications or for isolated roof areas where access is constrained.

Regardless of the material you use to restore your roof, it is imperative to utilise a wet mil gauge to properly measure and maintain wet film thickness throughout the installation process.