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Criteria to Select While Choosing the Best Gaming Keyboard in Australia

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The keyboard is one of the vital weapons in your PC gaming arsenal. Hence, as a gamer, it is important to select the gaming keyboard very carefully. When your keyboard becomes your game controller, it is more than just a tool for typing. It is what you call a Katana for Samurai. It gives you the much necessary leverage to explore in the PC gaming world.

It is important to learn what makes for a great gaming keyboard. Most of the high-end gaming keyboards sold nowadays use mechanical switches by coupling keys to their own spring-loaded switch. It is designed to provide superior audio and tactile feedback.

Most of these switches are also known as “MX” mechanisms from a company called Cherry. They can be seen in MX black, MX Brown, MX Blue, MX Red, etc.

Each colour comes with a slightly distinct design that can be tweaked to provide a special feel and sound when you type. The kind of switch you should go for depends on the type of games you love to play.

Cherry MX Black switches come with the highest activation force. This makes it ideal for those games where you do not have to worry about accidentally hitting a key twice. However, it can give you a stiff feel that is not suitable for games requiring numbler response.

For such games, you can go for hair-trigger Cherry MX Red switches. In case either is too extreme for you, you can always compromise with Cherry MX Brown switches. They have the same actuation force as the Red variety, but it integrates a tactile bump to ease typing.

If you need a keyboard that switches back and forth between hard-core gaming and regular work tasks, this is the colour that you need to opt.

These are some of the criteria that will help you select the best gaming keyboard in Australia.

Hidden Truth about Prebuilt Gaming PC’s

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Time has absolutely changed the game for pre-built gaming PCs. Manufacturers have caught on with their pricing and filled the market with great options and affordable prices. Today, there is little difference between the cost of building your own gaming PC and buying a pre-built one.

Despite the current pandemic and the drop in manufacturing, the supply of gaming PC components remained stable, except for the in-demand parts like GPUs and CPUs. Prices have not been affected, aside from the pricing that’s based on competition.

How Powerful is a Gaming PC

A well-built gaming PC has enough power to entertain you for hours of action-filled gaming. You can play solo and go on an adventure or connect with the multitudes of players online. You can go on a 1-vs-1 fight or increase the stakes with a team fight.

However, gaming is not the end function of a gaming PC. You can use it to edit videos, create beats and process your own audio, and you can use it for office works if you need to work from home.

In fact, if a gaming PC was built solid enough, it will increase your productivity at work since you have an ultra-fast computing device at your disposal.

Should I Buy a Pre-built Gaming PC?

If you are the adventurous type who has time on your hands, you can definitely go with the build your own route. It will take time to find the best components for your budget and to make sure that the components work together.

Buying a pre-built gaming PC, on the other hand, saves you tons of time and keeps you worry-free. When you buy a pre-built gaming PC, you are protected with the manufacturer’s warranty. All you needed to do is to use the PC on the first few days to your heart’s content to figure out if some components do not work.

You don’t need to spend time troubleshooting which component malfunctions. You just need to send the whole thing to the manufacturer and let them figure out a solution.

Hidden Truth about Prebuilt Gaming PC’s

There are two basic things you need to get right away when you are buying gaming PCs. First, you have to stick within the confines of your budget. Understanding how far you can go with your budget is key to selecting the best gaming PC for you.

The second thing you need to understand is the importance of choosing a manufacturer or a supplier. Since the best benefit you are looking to get with a prebuild gaming system is the manufacturer’s warranty, do not go to the cheap side for the sake of going cheap.

Gaming PCs may seem to cost a bit more right off the bat. However, you getting more than just the gaming experience when you buy them pre-built. You have peace of mind knowing you are backed with a manufacturer’s warranty. Your invested money goes a long way and you are protected from unfortunate events caused by defective parts.


Do not be afraid of buying pre-built gaming PCs. These are systems that have been tested and have been proven to work. Choose a supplier that you trust and that has taken the effort to prove its integrity and reliability through great customer service and high-quality gaming PC setups.